Marine Fuel Trading

Sea Oil Petroleum offers a wide range of products and services for your vessels. From marine fuels to lubricants and everything else related to your business, we want to be your preferred partner, worldwide.

Marine Fuels

We specialise in the sales of various types of marine (bunker) fuels, such as MFO 500cSt, 380cSt, 180cSt, Gasoil, low sulphur Gasoil, Diesel, and more.

Marine Lubricants

We work closely with all major suppliers, producers and distributors of marine lubricants, and are in an ideal position to offer our clients relevant products worldwide, in small or large quantities in the forms of bulk, drums, pails and more.

Fuel Procurement Management

Secure your next procurement at cost prices. Talk to us for more information.

Vessel Services

Local ports can be a foreign place. Let us take care of your every need, so you can focus on taking care of business. Our vessel services cater to every request you may have, including purchasing provisions, spare parts and other items, big and small.

Quality & Quantity Surveys

Test and inspect the quality and quantity of your marine fuels by engaging a qualified and independent surveyor.

Risk Management

Secure your budget ahead of time and manage the risks of fluctuating marine fuel oil prices, with the option of entering into a mutually beneficial fixed price agreement or fixed forward price and more, with us.

Customised Solutions

Do your specific requirements call for customised solutions? we can help. Talk to us about your projects and ideas, and we’ll offer solutions just for you.